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Expand Virtual Hard Drive in VMware Player

When installing the VM player, the shared drive capacity from the hard drive is usually less than 100GB. But during using, the software demands to be installed are more and more, especially the TIA portal, leading to the larger space required for virtual Windows drives increased. This kind of updating requires a little bit of experience to be able to do as describing in following steps:

Step 1:
Start VM player but keep windows off

Step 2:
Select Hard Disk (SCSI) then a popup window showed

Step 3:
Click expand button

Step 44: Enter the desired capacity in the disk size box (make sure that the hard disk space on the host computer is sufficient to allocate)

Step 5: Start up the virtual windows
Step 6: Keeping In virtual windows
Step 7: From the Start menu, search "Computer Management" and run it.

Step 8: from the computer management windows, click "disk management"
Step 9: right click on the C drive box, select Extend volume
Step10: click next
Step 11: Enter the amount of capacity you want to update, must be less than the value added in step 4

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